#ORBMember Work for Good is a fundraising platform that helps small businesses donate to charity through their sales and publicise their giving.

It isn’t difficult for a business to make a charitable donation. However, if a business wishes to donate a specific amount or percentage of sales or turnover to a nominated charity, and they want to be able to publicise their giving and their relationship with their designated charity, it is a legal requirement that they have a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) in place. Whilst this may appear to be an unnecessary barrier, there is good reason for this legislation and that is to ensure less scrupulous businesses aren’t pretending to give to charity when they are actually just pocketing the money themselves.

But setting up a CPA can be time-consuming and costly for charities to produce, and they often don’t accept smaller cause-related marketing donations because of these restrictions.

But Work for Good makes it easy for businesses to create a CPA with a charity of their choice in minutes. They help you publicise your giving and record all your charitable donations in your business year. And there is now no cost for small businesses to become Work for Good members.

ORB is a Work for Good member and we have set up a CPA with FareShare for our CHARITY REFERRAL MONTH in October.

Our friends at WFG explain:

The small business community over at Work for Good have been turning a time of hardship into something positive, by donating a proportion of their sales to good causes and continuing to support charities throughout the pandemic.

It is free to become a member of Work for Good and we would love to invite you to join the community of hundreds of small businesses to support a cause you care about, and be part of something that reflects your businesses values.

Below we have highlighted just a few small businesses giving back during the coronavirus crisis.


Raffolux is a small business giving back to a variety of charities
Raffolux is a modern twist on the traditional raffle. They donate 10% of each raffle ticket sold to charities chosen by their members.

Last month, Raffolux donated £4,024.70 to a variety of different charities including: Plastic Oceans, Deafblind UK, WWF-UK and Worldwide Cancer Research. Gerry told us why he feels it’s important for businesses to continue to donate, if they can:

Working with and supporting charities at this time is more crucial than ever, and we are in a fortunate position to be able to, thanks to our wonderful Raffolux members. It’s important to us that giving back always remains at the heart of our business, and we’re delighted to be able to continue contributing to some great causes through Work for Good’s platform.


Tech Gloves is a small business giving back to Cavell Nurses' Trust
Tech Gloves are a team of computer gurus who offer remote IT support.

Not only are they currently offering up to 3 support issues at no charge, but, they are also donating 10% of all proceeds to Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

During these difficult times, Tech Gloves IT want to show our appreciation to all the Nurses and healthcare professionals risking their lives to keep us all safe

Jo Oogarah Coaching

Jo Oogarah's small business gives back to the Maidstone and tunbridge Wells Charitable Trust
Jo is a Women’s Career Development Coach, specialising in supporting career-focused mothers build a fulfilling and sustainable career around raising a family.

She most recently donated to the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Charitable Fund.

With everything that is happening in the world at the moment, I feel it is important for us to all continue to support each other in any way possible. I already have a few causes that I donate to regularly but I wanted to set a goal to help the flow of money to circulate in the economy, to encourage businesses to continue to trade and, with that aim, be able to contribute to areas where money is needed more than ever. For me, it’s a great incentive to keep my business moving forward, knowing that what I receive, will go towards something really worthwhile.

Studio 77

Studio 77 has a target to donate £3k to Friends of the Earth
Studio 77 is a London based website design studio who donate £150 for every new website project that they win. They have set a target to donate £3,000 by the end of the year and they are already more than half way!

Have a read of their fantastic blog post about why they are continuing to support Friends of the Earth.

Their Creative Director, Ruby says:

We’re hearing a lot about supporting small businesses and companies, but we’re forgetting that charities also need our help — now more than ever. With funding being postponed, staff cuts and social distancing stopping all physical campaigning, it’s important we remember to champion the NGOs and charities that are undoubtedly suffering as a result of the pandemic.


Popsa is a small business giving back to The Jo Cox Foundation
Popsa enables you to create a range of personalised products, including photo books, online.

Recognising that loneliness is a particular cause for concern during this time, Popsa have set out to help people overcome this in two ways, through their increasingly popular photobooks, and also their support for The Jo Cox Foundation.

Now more than ever, it’s all too easy to feel lonely. Social distancing, self isolation… these measures are essential, but they can also lead to people feeling completely cut off from society.

We genuinely believe that receiving a photobook filled with precious memories, a book that’s been made with care by someone you love, is a very special thing.

We’re proud that our product can help people to reach out from one home to another, and send a little joy .

How can you make an impact with your business?


We hope you have been inspired by these like-minded small business owners who have put purpose at the heart of their business.

But giving to charity isn’t just a ‘nice thing to do.’ it can also be incredibly empowering, personally significant and give you and your business a wider purpose that helps you stand out from competitors.

While it may seem easier to wait until you’re “fully established” to commit to charity donations, the benefit in setting this up early outweigh any perceived negatives. Just knowing your work is making a difference to a charitable organisation can help spur you on through any difficult times, will give you something to feel proud of alongside your business achievements and can help attract and retain clients through showing you have an ethical business model. In fact businesses with a clear ‘Brand Purpose’ (seen as making lives better) on average grew 3 x faster over the past 12 years.

Of course, as ORB always stresses, businesses can support their local community in numerous ways: it doesn’t have to be about giving cash and we would encourage you to think creatively in this respect. But by building an effective donation model into your business as soon as possible, it helps develop a purpose-driven mindset that will motivate you and employees/sub-contractors, and enhance your reputation with customers, suppliers and your local community.

If you would like to know more about how your small business can support a charity then please visit Work for Good and you’ll soon see how easy it is to join the community of other small businesses giving back.

And as an added bonus, if you use the following referral code when you join, Work for Good will donate £5 to a charity of your choice. What’s not to love!