ORB Advisory Board

The ORB Advisory Board provides high levels of experience and expertise to assist with the development of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, specifically in relation to the online Responsible Business / Social Value courses and relevant certification options.

All members of the ORB Advisory Board participate in their personal capacity albeit with a nod to their respective businesses, organisations and other affiliations.

The ORB Advisorary Board Team
ORB Advisory board member Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE is the Micro Business Champion, multiple business owner, #PayIn30Days Campaigner, Co-Founder of the Annual #MicroBizMatters Day and Movement, Founder of the SFEDI Group, Chair of Yorkshire in Business Limited and Patron of the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank.

Tony has been awarded an OBE for services to small firms and two Lifetime Achievement Awards for Enterprise. He was the National Enterprise Network’s Enterprise Support Champion 2019.

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Tony is also a prolific author of fiction and non -fiction. His latest business book is the culmination of a two-year project with co-author, Taryn Lee Johnston, to write the new ‘Small is Beautiful ‘ entitled ‘The Happipreneur – Why MicroBizMatters?

More information about Tony and his projects, visit his website


As well as being a Director at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP), Gwyn has several other roles.

Gwyn says that as he is entering the autumn of his life, he is realising the need to develop a different relationship with those around him. He has tasted success and failure too many times to count and has acquired a lot of insights, experience and wisdom along the way. He believes keeping this to himself would be like hoarding treasure – pointless! It must flow to the younger generations whose task it is to create a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, and quickly.

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So he learning to be an elder, open to invitations from those younger than he to pass on the wisdom he has accumulated on subjects of their choosing, at times of their choosing. And then stepping back to allow them to choose their pathway forward; one which no one has trodden before.

As well as his work with the ASP, Gwyn is also a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools in Global Sustainability and Social Enterprise, Co-Founder of BUSEF – Bournemouth University Social Entrepreneurs Forum and Advisory Board member for several social enterprises.

But, as Gwyn is quick to stress, maybe most fundamentally he is a father and grandfather, husband and brother and apprentice elder.

The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) is here to promote learning that transforms behaviour from unsustainable to sustainable practices. We provide each other with the space to safely explore the challenges of this journey through mutual support and helpful connection. We help our members by connecting, supporting and challenging them.

ORB Advisory Board Member Gwyn Jones
ORB Advisory Board Member Tania De Bruler

Tania is a senior HR specialist and consultant and worked for over 18 years in some of the UK’s leading organisations in the public and private sector, at HR Manager, Business Partner, and Director level. She established the UK’s first vegan and ethical HR Consultancy, Specialised HR Solutions in 2013. As an MCIPD qualified practitioner, she has been the UK’s leading expert in effectively employing vegans for the last 10 years.

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Tania also co-owns Ethical-Careers.com – a recruitment website for ethical businesses and charities to advertise jobs and for like-minded people to find work. She also mentors vegan and ethical business owners whilst in the start-up phase. Tania is in the process of launching the first online membership HR service for vegan and ethical start-ups to have access to a wealth of HR tools, guides and advice around the clock. When Tania isn’t working she is raising a beautiful little girl, who is very passionate about her vegan beliefs and rescues dogs. Tania enjoys restoring old properties, sympathetically and as sustainably as she can


As a consultant/trainer, Adrian holds reputations with national social enterprise sector bodies, universities, and other institutions for his insight, knowledge, and expertise relating to a range of issues that affect small businesses and social enterprises. This has seen him recognised through being feted with international awards (which include for developing CSR solutions), and being invited to inform reviews of legislation and national policy where it impacts on businesses of all types.

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Working out of his values within his own professional practice has seen him annually openly publish an impact report on himself since 2007 (which was re-mapped to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals after they were created); and structure his business as a sole trader to maximise his tax payments, and increase his accountability to clients.

Adrian became an auditor for the Responsible Business Standard in 2013, and holds other professional standards – including being a registered Pay On Time supporter.


Adrian Ashton, ORB Advisory Board Member
Adrian Ashton, business consultant and Advisory board member
Rob Hines, director of Coaction Solutions and ORB Advisory Board Member


Based on integrity, honesty, and accountability, the three components of building trust and enhancing reputation. Coaction Solutions’s mentoring services are designed to support Sustainable Business Development Programmes, along with certification to pertinent ISO Standards when needed.

Rob has been involved with Responsible Business/CSR, management systems, improvement, and the marketing benefits of being a responsibly run business in one way or another for many years.

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Rob has seen how attitudes towards sustainability in the business world have gradually changed, from being solely focused on how a company can impact on society and the environment in which they operate, to how these factors can increasingly have a negative impact on the success of the organisation itself.

To help overcome this we explore opportunities for growth and long-term success by focusing on embedding the different aspects of sustainability, in ways that support excellence, from outstanding customer experiences through to developing a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future.

Due to the synergy of our overall approaches, I am delighted for the opportunity to collaborate with the Organisation for Responsible Businesses in the quest to make a difference.

CoAction Solutions for a better business


A former association Chief Executive, for 15 years Andrew held c-suite positions in professional associations and membership bodies across the UK.

Andrew established Consort Strategy in 2016, a micro-business based in Hampshire which employs a team of five social entrepreneurs in both the UK and Canada who specialise in non-profit leadership, governance, strategy and responsible business.

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Andrew is the founder of the Cambridge Governance Symposium; author of the NETpositive Governance™ model; and co-host of the podcasts Association Transformation and Good Enough for Jazz (both available on Apple podcasts).

He is a vociferous advocate of sustainable development and social responsibility and, as the Executive Director of the Institute of Association Leadership, of the role that membership bodies can (and should) play in tackling social injustice.


Consort Strategy specialising in non-profit l;eadership and responsible business
Andrew Chamberlain, ORB Advisory Board Member
kirsten Woodgate of KLW Business Evolution, ORB Advisory Board Member


Kirsten worked at Lloyds Bank for over 20 years with various roles including Commercial Relationship Manager and Business Development Manager. Her commercial banking experience provides insight in to how SMEs in many different sectors operate and the challenges they face.

Kirsten has worked with the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, and associated companies, since 2015 and is passionate about creating a positive change in society. During that time, Kirsten has provided strategic support as well as managing the social media platforms.

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Kirsten is also a director of BSTLC CIC, a sister company of ORB which works on a local basis in the Southend area.  BSTLC stands for Businesses Supporting Their Local Community which is at the very heart of what the company does.

Kirsten is also the proprietor of KLW Business Evolution, a consultancy offering expert advice in business development and social media.


Since 1990, Clive operates via his company Strategic Management Partners as a strategic management partner, management mentor and coach in association with professional bodies building capacity in private enterprises and public sector for GDP growth and business sustainability.

Clive’s work focuses on capacity building, risk reduction and business continuity for SME’s and organisations in change.

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Clive’s scope of work includes designing and delivering programmes for fast growth development, widening supply chains, IP innovations, HR productivity, quality process improvement, merger and acquisition due diligence, and international business development.

Client projects have boosted growth through a wide portfolio of support activities.

Clive’s assignments have improved strategy, corporate partnering, marketing, sales, IP protection and HR services. He has worked across EU, Africa, USA, Middle East and Asia. His sector experience includes professional services, finance, IT, health, manufacturing, engineering, retail, leisure, construction, transport, and new media

Strategic Management Partners
Clive Bonny, ORB Advisory Board Member
Jonathan Withey, ORB Advisorary Board Member


Jonathan has spent the past eight years working closely with businesses to unlock their potential for transformational and sustainable change. He has an academic grounding in the role of business in broader sustainable development having a Masters Degree in Sustainability and Business. He has also been awarded a Fellowship to the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce which recognises outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

Jonathan has an infectious level of optimism that he brings into any situation.

Jonathan is also Head of Business Development at Planet Mark.

more about Planet Mark

Planet Mark believes we must all work together to embrace sustainability and works passionately with organisations to empower their people to halt the climate crisis and improve society in everything they do.

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and for real estate. The certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.

Planet Mark enables organisations and their people to positively transform society, the environment and the economy through measurement of their carbon and social data, using our unique three-step process: Measure, Engage and Communicate. As a result of rigorous measurement and a commitment to improvement and engaging their stakeholders in the process, our members can communicate their progress with confidence, transparency, and enthusiasm.​


Planet Mark sustainability certification


Sadie Restorick is a strategy consultant, trainer, author and published academic scholar specialising in mental health and wellbeing and psychosocial risk management. She is a BA Communications graduate, holds a diploma in Mental Health Awareness and a diploma with distinction from the Fellowship of Associated Stress Consultants. She was awarded an MSc with Distinction in Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the globally recognised University of Nottingham and in September 2020 she presented her ground-breaking research on work-related stress at the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference.

more about Sadie

Sadie has worked as an entrepreneur in the field of workplace wellbeing for over a decade and is the COO of global workplace wellbeing specialists Wellity and also the co-founder of the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

She has provided consultancy and training to a huge and diverse range of clients, from FTSE 100 organisations to SME’s and local councils.

Sadie is a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association and a member of the Association of Occupational Health and is widely recognised in the industry as being a leader in her field. She has written for several trade journals and publications, including Personnel Today, Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP), Occupational Health, Training Journal and Business Leader and is often invited to be a guest speaker at industry events and summits, most recently speaking at the Leaders in Wellbeing Summit 2020.

In the UK, Sadie has appeared on national BBC One television, BBC Radio and Talk Radio providing expert advice on subjects relating to her field as well as providing contributions in the national press, such as in The Telegraph, and across online business communities such as the Chartered Management Institute and NatWest Business Hub.

Sadie is a national champion for the UK mental health ‘Time to Change’ campaign and has worked extensively to support individuals with mental health problems, promote diversity, eliminate stigma and end mental health discrimination in the community. Voluntary work includes the development of campaigns and delivery of seminars at local colleges and educational facilities to help support youth mental health and recognise the challenges faced by the younger generation.

Wellity, global workplace wellbeing specialists
Sadie Restorick, ORB Advisory Board Member

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