The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) is a not-for-profit membership company owned by its members. We believe that operating ethically and responsibly is JUST GOOD BUSINESS!

We believe small businesses, including sole proprietors and freelancers, have the power to help ensure stability for future generations while keeping a sustainable and resilient bottom line. If you know you care, show you care. We are stronger together and joining ORB’s membership helps us drive a better way of doing business.


ORB’s tribe is made up of freelancers, micro businesses (0-9 employees) and small businesses that are passionate about leading with their values. Why not join our warm community where kindness is the key currency. We’re glad you found us.

The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) puts social values first because at the heart of every enterprise is one or two people. Not a group of faceless businesses, we know each other by name and our members collaborate. Essentially, we support people first and foremost to support their responsible business journeys.

Smaller businesses have the power to make a real difference in our societies, from the local to the international level. But we need more businesses to change how they operate and consider their impact on people and the environment.

We are stronger together and therefore hope you join us on our journey to change the world, one small business at a time…

Micro biz friendly certification options

Created by Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB)


Looking to take it up a notch? If you are interested in a robust ESG certification designed specifically for small businesses: visit the dedicated website to find out more about your eligibility, our course and the wonderful range of certification options including how to become an ORBcert.