The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) is a not-for-profit membership company owned by its members. We all believe that operating ethically and responsibly is JUST GOOD BUSINESS. Rates for micro businesses start at just £10 per month because responsible businesses deserve to flourish financially. We have a lot to give in return.

ORB member benefits include exposure to a close-knit entrepreneurial community, getting promoted and gaining credibility among peers, the supply chain and customers.

All new members access the responsible business course free of charge for six months and receive the kindle copy of CEO Jill Poet’s top-rated book ‘It Really Is Just Good Business’. The resources are perfectly tailored for smaller businesses according to the appropriate, size, type and impact of your operations (coined, ASTI).

Why is this our cause? Small businesses, including sole traders and freelancers, have the power to ensure stability for future generations. If we are responsible, we grow an inclusive, green, operationally sound economy that is profitable for families and individuals across the UK. Joining ORB’s membership helps us visibly drive a better way of doing business that will benefit so much and so many.


The responsible business tribe at ORB are freelancers, micro businesses (0-9 employees) and small businesses. All are passionate about leading with their values while remaining profitable. Why not join ORB’s warm community where kindness is the key to currency? 

The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) puts social values first because at the heart of every enterprise is one or two people. Not a group of faceless businesses, we know each other by name and our members collaborate. Essentially, we support people first and foremost to support their responsible business journeys.

Smaller businesses have the power to make a real difference in our societies, from the local to the international level. But we need more businesses to change how they operate and consider their impact on people and the environment.

Whatever stage your business is currently at, if you seriously want to become a better and more responsible business you can start straight away. We recommend small steps. We do not necessarily expect our members to make dramatic changes overnight but to continually push the boundaries that will both improve their business and increase their positive contribution to society.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with businesses generating profit and appropriately compensating employees with good salaries. In fact, every organisation, regardless of its type, needs to generate income exceeding its expenses to sustain itself. This principle applies universally, from the smallest community group to businesses of all scales, as well as the public sector, contributing to the overall economic balance of the country.

While profit shouldn’t always be the primary motivator for every organisation, the term “not-for-profit” is often misinterpreted. As an ORB member, we aim to support your company enhance profitability. What truly matters is how profits are earned and utilised. It’s crucial to avoid practices driven by greed, such as excessive executive salaries, inequitable treatment of employees, and exorbitant dividends for shareholders. In today’s society, such practices are simply unacceptable.

Those of us who stand for business growth based on goodness – we are truly stronger together. We would love you to join the journey,

Micro biz friendly certification options

Created by Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB)


Looking to take it up a notch? If you are interested in a robust ESG certification designed specifically for small businesses: visit the dedicated website to find out more about your eligibility, our course and the wonderful range of certification options including how to become an ORBcert.