Rates, Reasons & Terms

Membership rates

ORB membership rates are extremely reasonable, including a special rate for new businesses. We believe our membership rates should not prohibit any business from becoming an #ORBmember if they meet the criterion and there is a genuine desire to be part of the movement for a better way of doing business.

For the purpose of membership, the number of employees relates to full-time employees. Part-time employees should be counted pro-rata.

* established for less than 18 months. The special rate will apply for the first 12 months membership and thereafter automatically revert to the normal current rate.

We do not currently charge a joining fee.

We can only accept payments in pound sterling, payable by GoCardless direct debit.

VAT is not applicable.

Reasons to join

Without doubt, there are significant business reasons to consider membership of ORB, but we genuinely hope the main reason you join is that you want to contribute to our purpose of driving the responsible business movement forward, rather than focusing on “What’s in it for me?!”
But the demands of customers (consumers, private & public sector) are changing. The message is clear. Only businesses that embrace social and environmental considerations will thrive in the coming decades.

Being a member of ORB is an excellent way of showing that commitment and becoming a supplier of choice.

Specific member benefits

Use of the ORB Responsible Business Member logo

ORB membership certificate

An entry in our unique Responsible Business Directory

Ongoing promotion via social media and newsletters

An opportunity to publish articles and share success stories

Ad hoc member discounts.

As per our Terms and Conditions below, please note that completing ALL sections of your Member’s Profile Page in the Members’ directory is a condition of membership.

You might wonder why this should be a condition? Well, to be quite frank, if you are joining ORB because you want to be part of a movement that promotes responsible business, we feel it somewhat disingenuous if you are not prepared to spend a little time to provide that appropriate information in your profile page. Would you not agree?

Completing your profile page could be done in as little as 10 minutes, but we would prefer you to put half an hour aside and give your entry a bit more thought. (We add the purple SEO heading at the top of each page.)

Example directory page

The directory normally gets 1,000+ unique visits a week and people viewing member details will quite rightly want to know what your business does and what makes you a responsible business.

Apart from the negative impact empty profile pages has on the integrity and value of membership, your company could potentially be missing out on new clients!

We also ask you to use your ORB logo on your website and email signature. It isn’t a condition as we appreciate there may be technical reasons why this is difficult for some people, but as a primary benefit of membership we certainly urge you to do so.

A selection of ORB logos in different formats is available to members when they are logged in. These are dated versions e.g. 2019-2020. We recommend using the html code version for websites as dates will change automatically each year.

Undated logos are also available on request for use on stationery, packaging and/or vehicles, subject to a signed Use of Logo Agreement being in place.

Terms and conditions of membership

These Terms and Conditions of Membership are issued by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses C.I.C.(ORB) company number 6830936, registered in England, registered address 84 Wimborne Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 4JR.

1. Users must register their key business details in order to access and take the Questionnaire and must provide true, accurate, current and complete information about their branch / company as requested throughout the Questionnaire.
2. Taking and passing the Questionnaire does not infer any rights. All businesses must make “The Pledge,” apply for membership and make the agreed payment before being granted any rights of membership, including but not limited to the use of the ORB logos.
3. All members must first pass the ORB Questionnaire and comply with the terms set out above.
4. ORB reserves the right to refuse any application for Membership. All refusals will be considered by the directors and their decision will be final. Providing the applicant has not made any false statements, membership fees paid in advance will be refunded.
5. Completing all areas of the Member’s Profile Page within two months of becoming a member is a condition of membership.
6. Members’ content on any ORB Websites, either posted by the Member`s registered user or provided to ORB specifically for posting on the Websites, remains the Member`s property, but by providing such content the Member grants ORB a non-exclusive, royalty-free license and sub-license to use the content in any media throughout the world without restriction.
7. Membership content posted or provided for inclusion on the Websites, including but not limited to directory entries and case studies, will be published at our sole discretion and we are entitled to edit, make additions, deletions, or refuse any entries.
8. Members breaching the terms of membership and / or acting in a manner that is likely to bring ORB into disrepute may have their Membership revoked with immediate effect without any refund of membership payments. The directors` decision will be final.
9. Any Member bringing ORB into disrepute shall indemnify ORB for any loss or damage suffered.
10. Prospective members completing their membership application online are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions.
11. Members may cancel their membership within seven days of their first payment and receive a full refund of any membership fees paid. Members are responsible for cancelling their GoCardless recurring payments.
12. Subject to clauses 1 to 10, membership is for a minimum of twelve months. One months’ notice of cancellation is required thereafter. Members are responsible for cancelling their GoCardless recurring payments.
13. Cancellation requests should be made to info@orbuk.org.uk
14. Only fully paid-up bona fide Members will be included in The Responsible Business Directory.
15. Any Member in arrears or otherwise breaching any terms of membership may have the directory entry removed immediately. (However, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us so we can work with you.)
16. All directory entries are subject to the terms of Membership.
17. The ORB Responsible Business Member logo should only be used during the membership period. If membership is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, logos should be removed from websites and email signatures within two months of cancellation of membership.
18. Use of undated ORB Responsible Business Member logos is subject to a Use of Logo Agreement which allows an additional term for such logos to be removed from stationery, packaging and/or vehicles.
19. Information provided by the Questionnaire may be collated and used anonymously for statistical purposes.
20. Copying, reproduction or any other use of the ORB Questionnaire is strictly prohibited without express permission from ORB.

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