The ethical fashion market is set to be worth more than $11 million by 2027. Swoperz want to be a part of that force for good, which is why they have joined the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). 

What attracted Swoperz to ORB


ORB understands the crucial role small and medium-sized businesses have to play in local communities. They are an integral part of their social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

We need to set an example of ethical and responsible business behaviour in the UK – and across the world.

More businesses are changing the way they operate, rather than just focusing on their bottom line. Customers are increasingly demanding quality products that don’t harm the planet, made by companies who treat workers and ecosystems with respect. 

Joining ORB means, not only will the next generation of fashionistas and fashionistos using the Swoperz platform look amazing, they’re also part of a business that genuinely cares about being ethical and sustainable. 

But how did we get here? 

Our lightbulb moment


We are Charlene Hurlock and Vicky Fuller, busy mums, best friends and the creators of the Swoperz platform. 

We have long been concerned about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, from energy use and pollution to overconsumption. 

Almost 60% of all clothing material is actually plastic. Of the 100 billion garments produced every year, around 92 million tonnes end up in landfill, according to TheRoundup. 

As parents (and human beings), we want to safeguard the future of this planet for our kids and everyone else’s, but the big question was ‘how’? 

Little did we know, that important question would be answered during one of the world’s most challenging times. 

We have been friends for years, so it was only natural that we visited each others’ homes as soon as it was safe to do so during the 2020 lockdown. 

That’s when we noticed our children merrily exchanging each others’ clothes. The answer to our ‘how’ was right in front of us, all that time. 

The lightbulb moment


It was amazing to see how empowered our children were by being able to make their own decisions about what clothes they wore. 

It lit a spark, there and then. 

Suddenly, we both knew how we could combine those two driving forces: sustainability and style – and so Swoperz was born. 

Ours is a fashion platform with a big twist. First of all, it’s aimed at kids aged 6-16 only. 

Second, it’s a secure, user-verified place (partnering with TrustElevate) where they can swap clothes with other children, discover their own style for themselves and make new friends. 

Third, for every swap kids make, they earn digital tokens that can be spent within the Swoperz ecosystem. 

Striking a chord


We hope it will strike a chord among parents but most especially children. 

They are more aware than ever of the harmful effects of climate change and the need to do something fundamental now. 

Greta Thunberg is an icon among youngsters for a reason, and ethical business owners recognise the importance of being part of ORB. 

As adults, being able to present kids (who always know more than we think they do) with a solution to a problem we have caused, rather than passing the buck onto them, is incredibly rewarding. 

How does Swoperz work?


This bit is where the adults are needed! Parents create an account and subscribe for just £14.99 per month to our platform. 

That low price allows up to four children access to our unlimited clothes swapping service, but every transaction they make has to be approved by mums, dads or their responsible guardians. 

Nothing is hidden, and there are no nasty surprises. It’s the circular economy, baby! 

Uniform free for all


As mums, we also understand the financial burden of getting the right school uniform. 

Our hearts went out to parents already struggling to make ends meet with the cost of living crisis, so we made a command decision. 

The Swoperz section dedicated to pre-loved uniforms is free. As the saying goes: “every little helps”. After all, how many times have you tried to track down school shirts in the middle of a term because your child has grown a foot overnight? 

Building good habits and a better world


We are dedicated to helping children (and adults) everywhere build positive, sustainable buying habits that will last a lifetime. Joining ORB is part of that commitment. 

It also feels pretty cool knowing that Swoperz will help a new generation to grow the circular economy, while never being asked to compromise their individuality.

We’re so excited to watch it grow and thrive, empowering kids everywhere to take control of their clothes, their finances and the environment. 

What more could a proud parent ask for?