by Matthew Harding of BBX UK

Its often said that charity starts at home and with the nation looking at
uncertain times there could be a reluctance for business owners and
finance directors to part with their hard-earned cash and pull back on
CSR programs or charitable donations.

You may already be aware that BBX is an ORB member and operates a
global business exchange where businesses use BBX Money as a financial mechanism to use each other’s spare capacity in an efficient marketplace. This process has been refined over the last 26 years.

I am now pleased to announce our next development: the launch of our
charitable arm, BBX ANGELS, to bring together businesses with spare
capacity and charities requiring extra revenue.

Via the exchange, spare capacity is turned into BBX Money and donated
to our basket of charities -and 100% of the donation goes to the charity!

Here are a couple of examples of charities and their experiences.

Joining BBX was a great decision for our charity. Our membership has allowed us to raise our profile by networking with other local businesses via regular BBX member events. As a result, we have gained…… read more

Having been BBX members since 2014, we, as a charity, have seen huge benefits of being part of this service; from support with our fundraising,
to off-setting general expenses and running costs of the charity.

BBX is a brilliant service that allows us to increase our fundraising income whilst reducing our cash expenses, which is extremely important for a small local charity that relies solely on fundraising and runs on very low budgets.
Read More

Be part of our ‘SPARETEMBER’ event……

BBX has launched ‘SPARETEMBER’ which is a month long giving campaign where businesses can donate their spare capacity (stock / services / vouchers etc…) and BBX will convert it to a BBX donation to the basket of charities free of charge.

Who is this relevant to?

  1. Any business who has the desire to help good causes and has some spare capacity (see our calculators here)
  2. Any Charity who would like to be one of our designated charities to receive donations.
  3. Any person who thinks this is a great idea and wants to help in any way: contact me direct and/or share this, please.

If you feel this is relevant please feel free to contact me by telephone: 03334 002014 or email: or contact via our BBX Angels page 

…… I thank you for reading

Matthew Harding