Entrepreneurship continues to grow and an increasing number of people start their own business every year. With this trend likely to continue, it is important to help nurture an enterprising mindset from an early age to ensure budding business owners of the future are successful in starting and sustaining new business models. Even if young children don’t aspire in their adult life to the world of self-employment, the lessons learned through encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset will be invaluable.

But it is essential that entrepreneurs of the future are not just financially successful but also fully embrace the concept of values and ethics. We need to raise a new generation of ‘ethical entrepreneurs’ that focus on triple bottom line principles: we need business owners, managers and directors that place as much value on ‘people and planet’ as they do on profit.

Lorraine Allman has written a great blog for us on how parents, carers and educators can nurture the rise of the ethical entrepreneur. Many of us will have children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces that we can support in the way Lorraine suggests. Read the full article here:  The Future of Responsible Business