It is heartwarming to see the church and business working together. Ely Cathedral Business Group provide an excellent example of how this works.

Our VisionThe group believes “that there is a strong correlation between the health of the business sector, and the well being of the communities in which those businesses operate”  which completely mirrors Our Vision.

We are delighted that the group is holding a week long Celebration of Business Exhibition commencing on 25th May and finishing on 31st May with a networking event and Celebration of Business reception.
Flourishing People at Ely One of our Certified ORB Auditors, Jacqui Burke of Flourishing People is exhibiting at the event and promoting The Responsible Business Standard. No doubt the principles of The Standard will resonate with other exhibitors and visitors alike. Jacqui is hoping to be able to book a few audits I’m sure!

If you live and / or work in the area, do drop in and support the event if you can.

More initiatives like this would be welcome!

Ely Cathedral Business Group