We delivered another training session this weekend – our first two day course. We booked the delightful Latimer Place in Buckinghamshire and the only real disappointment was the rather dismal weather!

We only had a small group but what great delegates. Moving to a two-day course meant that we could build in lots of interaction and actually work through the audit question by question. Lots of interesting debate, and yet everyone was very clearly singing off the same hymn sheet. The feedback was fantastic.

Everyone was particularly excited about the potential for new CSR initiatives emanating out of the EU – and the impact the new Public Services (social value) Bill 2012 will have on public sector procurement.

I’m now waiting to get their reports – the final part of the certification process – and hope we’ll soon have a few more active Certified ORB Auditors able to deliver The Responsible Business Standard. Certainly, Clive Bonny has already been particularly pro-active, has had his own company Strategic Management Partners  audited and already has a client, The Big Lemon C.I.C committed to taking the audit.

Training weekend April 2012

Left to right, Clive Bonny, Anna Heim, Angela Pearson, Jill Poet, Mike Wilson.