When designing and building this web site our intention was to provide a resource that was both easy to use and highly accessible. There are many challenges associated with achieving this, particularly as different browsers display content very differently. If you have any specific issues please do not hesitate to contact us. The website has been re-engineered from the existing site as a phase one in which we’ve tried to address as many accessibility issues as possible, again please do contact us for any issues you find which we shall address in a phase 2.



Different browsers have different methods for increasing the text size, but they are always found under the ‘View’ toolbar with a name like ‘Text Size’. There are typically short cuts for achieving this to in all good modern browsers.


Screen Resolutions

This site had been designed to take into account different screen resolutions with a fluid approach to page size. This way users who want to use a very high resolution on their monitors will see the pages stretch to fit the whole screen, there still maybe some adaptive issues with the forms on mobile screens which will be addressed.


We try and include alt attributes for images on the site, providing descriptive detail and replicating textual content where necessary. Where there are no alt tags please let us know.