responsible business social value course with certification options

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very special, extremely comprehensive online course designed specifically for small businesses, albeit appropriate for any type or size of organisation.

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The course content was previously featured in the Responsible Business Workbook, often referred to as The Small Business Bible. With the help and support of our new Advisory Board, the workbook has been remodelled and updated to provide a superb online resource to help small businesses achieve their full potential whilst also igniting the power of small business for social good.



In 2011, the Organisation for Responsible Businesses launched the Responsible Business Standard (RBS), an onsite auditable certification designed specifically for small businesses. The certification was validated by Anglia Ruskin University as per the reports below:

Executive Summary ORB-ARU.pdf

Anglia Ruskin Full Validation Report.pdf

The Responsible Business Workbook, which showcased the requirements of the standard, has been updated to form the basis of the new online course.

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The course, although specifically designed for small businesses from a sole trader upwards, is suitable for any size or type of organisation, including those at pre-launch and start up stages. Anyone working through the course will benefit from the extensive information provided, wrapped up in a stripped-back approach that necessities a soul-searching process to identify if an organisation is operating ethically and responsibly and genuinely making a positive contribution to society.

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In the UK:

  • over 96% of businesses are micro-businesses with 0-9 employees
  • another 3% are small businesses (10-49 employees)

As over 99% of private businesses in the UK are small and micro businesses, ORB is committed to helping businesses in this sector achieve their full potential whilst also igniting the power of small business for social good.


As part of our commitment to small businesses, access to the course starts at only £15 per annum for a start-up / sole trader, set up on a recurring basis but with the option to cancel at any time.

The tiered price-point structure means that larger businesses will pay proportionately more for access and certification options, calculated according to the number of full-time pro-rata employees.

But whatever the size of your business, and therefore whatever price you pay, we can guarantee this course will deliver excellent value for money providing it is used properly.

(ORB) Membership for a better way of doing business


This is an extensive, robust course looking at legislation and best practice in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • The Environment
  • The Marketplace
  • The Community
  • Ethics, Values & Transparency
  • Business Processes and Continuity


Progress through the course in whatever way suits you best, either as a linear process through each section or drop in and out of sections as you wish.

The basic course includes optional resources such as Action Plans, Self-Assessment Forms, a Responsible Business Template, and support resources in each section.

The following certification options are available, albeit no commitment is required before accessing the basic course.

  • CPD Certification
  • Monitored self-assessment certification
  • Social Value Certification
  • Light-Touch Responsible Business Standard Certification

Sound good to you?

We’ll be launching soon, so send us an email or give us a call on 01702 468387 if you would like to be one of the first to access the course.

There may be extra marketing opportunities if you are one of the first to achieve certification, or even possible discounts while the course is still in BETA!