ORB is dedicated to driving positive change in the world of business, and we are honoured to collaborate with a diverse range of trusted organisations who share our vision. Through our partnerships, we are collectively working towards creating a responsible business landscape. We invite you to explore our partnership slides below to learn more about the incredible organisations that are making a difference alongside us. Together, we are shaping a better future for values-based micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Association of Sustainability Practitioners
The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) is a diverse and inclusive international community dedicated to learning and implementing sustainable practices in all areas of life. ASP brings together academics, consultants, artists, business professionals, and more, drawing upon diverse cultures and practices across generations. It provides a supportive and collaborative environment for these individuals to connect, share ideas, and explore innovative solutions for a sustainable future. ASP and ORB share similar aims and values, and our memberships overlap extensively. Together, we offer a range of opportunities, practices and support, on the basis of our co-inspiration.
The London Business Show 2023
For over 20 years, The Business Show has provided a platform for thousands of business owners; both entrepreneurs looking to start a business and 'SME's looking to grow and develop their business. Whether you're at the start up stage or are currently running a small business, you will find advice and guidance you need to take your business to the next level at this event. Read on to learn why ORB has partnered with the latest show's exciting new installation: the Sustainability Zone.
Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society
ORB and the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society (HES) share a commitment to promoting ethical and sustainable business that contributes to the betterment of local communities and the planet as a whole. As collaborators, we aim to work on initiatives that equip young adults with the knowledge, competencies, and skills to launch and sustain harmonious entrepreneurial ventures. Our shared values include a belief in the importance of micro businesses, including start ups, freelancers, and their role in contributing to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Through our collaboration, we aim to support ethical and responsible small businesses, showcase their achievements, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.
Micro Business Alliance
ORB is a founder member of Micro Business Alliance. The members collaborate and work together to represent better the views of micro businesses in Government level policymaking. This benefits all startups, self-employed people and micro business owners in England. The unincorporated alliance of organisations directly represents over 1.2 million micro businesses and indirectly 4 million micro businesses: 95% of private sector businesses in England. In partnership with the Micro Business Alliance, ORB strives to help micro businesses achieve the recognition and support they truly deserve.
Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers
The Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB) is a global membership organisation and awarding body focused on raising the standards of bookkeeping, payroll, and finance through offering accredited training, ongoing support, and continuous development opportunities. IAB aligns its work and efforts in sustainability with the United Nations’ ‘Quality Education’, Sustainable Development Goal. ORB has developed an ESG course for IAB members. IAB members can also access aspects of ORB’s Responsible Business Standard at a concessionary rate. We will jointly inspire a generation of bookkeepers and finance professionals to pursue the triple bottom line approach.
The Good Small Business Awards
The Good Small Business Awards is the UK’s first national business sustainability award exclusively for small businesses. Like us, The Good Small Business Awards celebrate the work of small businesses doing the right things for people and the planet. Small businesses often make more of a positive impact than bigger counterparts. Our CEO Jill Poet was judge at the 2023 ceremony. Our partnership encourages existing good small businesses to continue to strive and will open up the playing field for other small businesses to follow suit. Our existing members and their nominees will continue to discover our respective organisations to further the championing of small businesses with embedded values.
In Good Company
In Good Company is a premier guide for conscientious consumers who seek out ethical, small, local businesses. Their platform presents a handpicked selection that meets the teams’ high standard of ethics which importantly, can be seen in full on their website. ORB has partnered with In Good Company on the basis of our shared dedication to responsible business practices, displaying our mark against their qualifying businesses to help build consumer trust.
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