Applying for Membership

Are you operating a responsible business in the areas of the:

Workplace * Environment * Community * Marketplace * Transparency

Are you operating a responsible business but would like to do more in the above areas?

Are you already making improvements in some or all of these areas?

To become a member of ORB, you will need to complete the following benchmark questionnaire. But please don't panic! ORB members care about the environment and people and want to improve the way they are already doing things. It's more about mindset and moving forwards. We really don't expect our members to already be Investors in People or ISO 14001 accredited, although these are superb goals to ultimately aim for.

When you have completed the questionnaire, you will be provided with a detailed response and summary. If you have attained the appropriate score you will also be invited to apply for membership of ORB. Once a member, you will be able to complete the questionnaire as often as you wish and compare summaries to gauge your business's progress.

You may register your company details and take the questionnaire without any obligation to apply for membership. Many companies find that taking the questionnaire provides a useful benchmark for measuring their current performance.

Please answer all the questions truthfully. False statements will not assist you and may invalidate your ORB membership. If you have any queries, or any suggestions, please contact the support team on 01702 468387.

Please note: ORB membership relates to individual branches / outlets, each of which will need to complete the questionnaire and apply for membership independently.