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keeping workers rights at the heart of an organisation

Why Companies Must Keep Workers’ Rights at the Heart of Their Organisations

Workers’ rights are human rights and should be prioritised as such. Every employee has the right to safety, health, and happiness in the workplace.

The Clean Growth Fund

Clean Growth Fund: Investing in Innovation

With the UK’s green recovery plans, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity not only to boost economic activity and create jobs, but to accelerate the transformation to a sustainable future.

Alpha Vista help companies understand how to help victims of domestic abuse

Impact of domestic abuse in the workplace

Home isn’t always the safe place it should be and across the UK, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be affected by domestic abuse at some point during their adult lifetime and a further 1 in 7 children will have lived with domestic abuse at some point during their...

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a method of calculating absence in order to put a ‘weighting’ on the absence. For example; a Company will probably be more concerned (and experience more disruption) from...

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Mindful Sales

Mindful Sales

Mindful sales is therefore about being more conscious about the person you are selling to and focusing on their specific needs and buying motives.

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We’ve slashed our membership rates!

We’ve slashed our membership rates!

We are delighted that we have been able to dramatically reduce ORB membership rates – not as a short-term special offer but permanently. And, of course, not just to new members but to existing members too.

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