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Communication, communication, communication. Good communication is the bedrock of good business

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Communication has always been the bedrock of good business. After all, sales is essentially communicating to your potential customers what wonderful products and services your business has to offer.

Ticket Tailors lifeline for event organisers

Ticket Tailor’s lifeline for event organisers

Ticket Tailor is providing a lifeline for event organisers by offering use of their ticketing platform free for online events.

Peoples Energy Community Partnership Scheme

People’s Energy Community Partnership Scheme

People’s Energy is a new green and ethical energy supply company supplying to the UK. The UK’s only crowdfunded energy company featuring a Community Partnership Scheme

Coping with being furloughed

Living on Furlough

Life on Hold – Psychologically Adjusting To Living on Furlough By Sadie Hopson of We Work Well. If you are a furloughed employee, what can you do to manage your wellbeing during this time?

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a method of calculating absence in order to put a ‘weighting’ on the absence. For example; a Company will probably be more concerned (and experience more disruption) from...

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Mindful Sales

Mindful Sales

Mindful sales is therefore about being more conscious about the person you are selling to and focusing on their specific needs and buying motives.

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We’ve slashed our membership rates!

We’ve slashed our membership rates!

We are delighted that we have been able to dramatically reduce ORB membership rates – not as a short-term special offer but permanently. And, of course, not just to new members but to existing members too.

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