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for the team at ORB, spring has

New Decade – New Website – New Vigour

Imagine its spring. There are so many green shoots appearing. A wonderful time of renewal and excitement for all that’s ahead of us.

Well, for the team at ORB, spring had arrived early!

Digital Technoloy Labs have good programming skills

In praise of Digital Technoloy Labs

We desperately needed a new website   As stressed in our blog New Decade, New Website, New Vigour, ORB finally has a new website and that puts us in a position to drive the responsible business mission forward and attract new ORB members – once UK Business gets...
Adrian Ashton believes its easy to be a responsible business

Adrian Ashton says: “Staying a responsible business is easy.”

Adrian Ashton says staying a responsible business is easy even during a crisis such as the pandemic. Businesses need to recognise that they are part of a wider community

High functioning: but what’s the truth behind the mask?

Many high functioning individuals have poor mental health, seemingly successful but struggling with inner anxieties. Revealing the truth behind the mask

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a method of calculating absence in order to put a ‘weighting’ on the absence. For example; a Company will probably be more concerned (and experience more disruption) from...

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Mindful Sales

Mindful Sales

Mindful sales is therefore about being more conscious about the person you are selling to and focusing on their specific needs and buying motives.

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