The Board of Directors at the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) gather every three months, dedicated to our mission: changing the world one small business at a time. Bringing together vibrant business backgrounds, the board of directors sparkles with enterprise, responsibility and our favourite value of all: kindness. We strive to always operate ORB with integrity and heart.

We’re a diverse team of six remarkable women, and two brilliant men, spanning different age groups and including neurodiverse talents! We navigate the responsible business movement, ensuring open minds, and inclusivity – holding to our commitment to all-round diligence.


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National Organisation for Responsible Micro, Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Established in 2009, ORB is a business membership organisation with a difference. Our mission is to create positive change for business and society by showing small businesses the financial benefits of being socially and environmentally responsible.

Jill Poet


I am passionate about igniting the power of small businesses for social good. Small businesses, including micro-businesses, are not only the engine room of the British economy, they have the potential to create the biggest positive change in our society. As CEO of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, I work hard to ensure we support and showcase our wonderful members: small businesses that operate ethically and responsibly, are efficient and profitable, but also want to make a positive impact on society.

Brigit Douglas

Membership Director

I wear many hats as Membership Director, primarily writing and designing content to boost the amazing achievements of the freelancers, sole traders and businesses in our tribe. I truly love talking to entrepreneurs one one-on-one and listening to what makes them tick, jump for joy or squirm. It’s a fast-changing world out there and I am forever inspired by the agile commitment smaller businesses make to pivot, adapt and overcome. I’m pro-innovation and pro-creativity; let’s keep business ethical and vibrant.