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The Responsible Business Questionnaire

This questionnaire was developed by ORB in conjunction with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (CER), University of Essex. It should not be copied or reproduced in any form without express permission from ORB. The questionnaire has proven to be a valuable benchmark tool and all businesses are invited to take advantage of the process, which includes immediate summary and detailed responses. Membership of ORB is not a requirement.

East of England Development Agency
This project is supported by the East of England Development Agency

PLEASE NOTE: This questionnaire, which forms the criteria for basic membership of ORB, will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It provides a useful SWOT analysis of ethical and responsible business behaviour but should not be confused with ORB's auditable certification, The Responsible Business Standard. To achieve this award at any level a trained, licensed, Certified ORB Auditor will visit the company premises and carry out a full audit.

Please note: ORB membership relates to individual branches / offices, each of which will need to complete the Questionnaire and apply for membership independently.

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† This relates to paid staff and volunteers only and should not include sole traders or owner/directors.
Part-time staff should be counted pro-rata.

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