Ticket Tailor to go free for all online events in support of event organisers through the COVID-19 crisis

As COVID-19 sweeps across the globe, governments are being forced to take unprecedented steps in limiting social interactions. This is seemingly affecting almost every sector, and arguably none more so than the events industry.

Average ticket sales for this time of year are down around 90%, and new event listings are down over 80%. But #ORBMember Ticket Tailor is putting its values above short-term profit, despite their own income being effectively reduced to zero!

Ticket Tailor joined ORB in May 2019. We love their Mission:

“To be the best-loved event ticketing platform in the world.”

Ticket Tailor has grown rapidly since it launched in 2010 but has always been committed to SCALING WITH SOUL.

Our sister company BSTLC CIC (Businesses Supporting Their Local Community) uses Ticket Tailor for our Double Whammy Networking events and we can therefore happily testify first-hand to what a great platform it is.

Founder, Jonny White, says:

At Ticket Tailor we’ve been asking ourselves a simple question: What more can we do to support event organisers during this difficult time? One of our core values is being supportive to our event organisers, and we need to live up to that now more than ever

Ticket Tailor began its response to the pandemic by launching a viral campaign – www.forgomyrefund.org – an initiative for ticket buyers to “donate” their refund in support of event organisers. They also allowed struggling event organisers to apply for a full refund of Ticket Tailor’s fees – which is beyond their standard policy.

However, this week the company went a step further and made Ticket Tailor free to use for all online events. They hope this will prove a lifeline to event organisers, businesses and charities who are in need of all the help they can get over the coming months.

The company has witnessed how event organisers have had to postpone and cancel the events they’ve worked hard to prepare for. They’ve seen charities lose vital fundraising opportunities, venues miss out on revenue from their sell-out shows and friends foregoing long-awaited reunions. 

However, there’s also been incredible innovation and creativity. Ticket Tailor is now alive with event organisers finding new ways to bring people together, with a large percentage taking place solely online using our integration with Zoom. And this is what they hope to stimulate with this week’s announcement. The industry is going to look very different for the next few months at least, but this doesn’t mean events won’t go on. 

Jonny goes on to say:

Gathering together, building community, learning new things and being entertained are all core to the human experience, and we want to enable this to continue where possible. By offering our platform for free we hope to stimulate the number of events on offer, provide vital additional revenue for event organisers and create more choice and support to the general public during this difficult time

Jonny, front-left, and some of his team

About Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a leading independent ticketing platform based in London, UK. It was founded in 2010 by Jonny White.

In 2019, Ticket Tailor processed over 5 million global ticket sales for events run by over 10,000 event organisers. Their clients range from small workshops and private events, through to festivals and attractions selling over 100,000 tickets a year.

For more information, visit the website.