Vicky Kelly of Butterfly Effect Coaching is an experienced and well-respected coach and trainer. But in 2016/17 she went through quite a transition. On a personal level, Vicky held very strong values and ethics and felt that, although she was undoubtedly delivering a first-class business consultancy, she wanted to bring this focus into the training and coaching she was delivering.

Vicky changed her business model and, as part of that process, also registered as an #ORBmember.

Vicky covers a broad range of topics in her coaching and training, one of which is Employee Well-being. But as you will see from her article below, she has a very different approach to this important topic.

Nobody would argue that employee wellbeing isn’t an important topic.  However, what you may argue on is the best approach to looking after your employees, and what is required for wellbeing to be achieved.  It’s not just leadership teams that can’t agre; there are a variety of different suggestions popping up in the media of what the right conditions may be for employees.  Many of which are ‘ideal world’ scenarios, and something that the average employer can’t realistically stretch to (an in-house masseuse, for instance).  The good news is that this ideal world only makes sense if we buy into the current paradigm.

Do circumstances dictate employee wellbeing?

So, currently, the paradigm under which the majority of society operates supports the idea that we need the conditions of our life to be a certain way for us to feel okay. And that certain other conditions are therefore not conducive to us feeling okay. Whether that’s workload and deadlines, company morale and support, circumstances outside the workplace, quality of sleep, time spent on leisure and self-care, etc.  Thus, if their circumstances aren’t as desired, the person will experience stress, pressure, worry, anxiety etc. But only when they are paying attention to how they believe these conditions ought to be.

A different understanding of who we really are.

There is an exciting shift in understanding happening.  More and more people are waking up to the realisation that their circumstances do not dictate their feelings, and that it’s possible to feel okay in even the most challenging of conditions (and to feel awful in the most lovely!)  This shift in understanding goes by many names.  (The Inside Out Understanding, Non-Duality, Zen, Ego Free-living, The Power of Now).  Please note that this is not the same as positive thinking or mindfulness.  It’s all about a different understanding of who we really are, underneath all of our beliefs and conditioning.  When we can see this, we know that we are okay and we don’t need any specific conditions.  We still have preferences, but our wellbeing isn’t attached to whether or not those preferences are met.  This shift is beginning to make its way into the workplace.

A particular set of circumstances isn’t necessary for employee wellbeing to flourish, but believing that it is creates the experience of suffering.  It puts people under more pressure as they try to change their circumstances, fit in more self-care activities, meet their deadlines, impress their bosses and still spend time with their families.

Eradicating workplace conflict

It is my honour and privilege to be invited into businesses in Essex, London and around the UK to help businesses and organisations free their employees from the tyranny of the belief that “out there” needs to be a certain way for them to be safe, secure, happy etc.  The freedom that this new understanding brings, is not only a weight off their shoulders; it can also make way for more creativity, better relationships, clearer problems solving, authentic leadership and more!

Imagine if you and your team all knew that you were fundamentally okay. There would be no need for conflict, no one afraid to say so if they had a new idea, no backstabbing and arse covering.  No denial of responsibility or constructive comments being seen as insults.  There would also be no dropping of the ball in favour of some personal aim.

And the great news is that there isn’t a huge amount of ‘doing’ required.  No daily meditation, or weekly yoga session, no to-do lists or affirmations (not that there’s anything wrong with these things).  It’s just something to be learned, to be taken on board.  To be dipped into, from time to time, to keep it fresh.

If you want to join the movement of companies that are gently delving into their okayness, get in touch.

Butterfly Effect Coaching

Vicky Kelly

Vicky Kelly is a coach and trainer who works with organisations and individuals on exploring their true nature beyond long-held conditioned beliefs.  Enabling people to let go of stress and flourish in their professions and personal lives.  She specialises in Employee Wellbeing, Leadership & Management, as well as Business Development and Personal Development.  For more information visit