Here at ORB we believe in having relationships with all sorts of like-minded organisations, because together we all have a better chance of changing people’s opinions on the business of business and creating a world where people and planet are also considered as important as profit. To that end, we love what the guys at Work For Good are doing. Perhaps you’d like to consider joining them? Here’s some more information about what they do:

Working For Good:

Many businesses want to give to back to society and make a difference, but it’s not always easy. Everyday pressures take over. And when time and money are tight, good intentions fall by the wayside.

But what if businesses could give to charity in a way that’s good for business too?

That’s the idea behind Work For Good: a social enterprise on a mission to unleash the giving power of the business world.  Their online platform makes it easy for businesses to give in a way that fits in with their day to day work – and for charities to connect with businesses they wouldn’t otherwise reach.

How it works

Any business can sign up in a few minutes at (membership is based on how many people you have in your business). Whenever you want to work for good, you can just choose a charity (or charities) and how you want to give, in a few clicks.

You can give in whatever way suits you best. A day of your time, a percentage of your fees or sales, the profits from a particular product or service, a fixed amount if you hit a set target, or any other way you can think of. Once you’ve done what you’ve said you’ll do, you just make an online payment and the Work For Good team takes care of the admin and legal hassle associated with giving through your business.

The platform also makes it super easy to share what you’re doing with the world. You can share the link to your profile on your social media sites, where your people or clients can track your progress. And you can display the Work For Good mark anywhere you want – from your website and emails to brochures and packaging – to show you’re part of a wider movement to transform corporate giving.

Why work for good?

Giving back isn’t just good for society, it’s also good for your business. It’s a chance to show the world what you stand for, inspire your team and build deeper relationships. And when you know your work is going to help a cause that’s close to your heart, it becomes personal and rewarding. You put more of yourself into it, you take more pride in it.

That’s what inspired founder Rupert Pick to set up Work for Good in the first place. When Rupert’s daughter Ottie was born 10 weeks premature with two rare genetic conditions, he decided to donate all the fees from his next workshop to Evelina London Children’s Hospital, who looked after her. And that made him wonder about all the other amazing things that could happen if only it was easier for more businesses to give through their work.

That’s what makes working for good more powerful than a simple cash donation: it puts giving at the heart of your business.

And it can help businesses engage with their clients on a deeper level. More and more, people want to deal with socially responsible businesses. By letting their clients choose which charities to support, businesses can make them feel like they’re part of the story too.

Do well by doing good

If just 5% of UK SMEs worked for good for one day a year, it would raise an extra £208m.

Giving doesn’t have to be a burden. Work for Good offers a smart and easy way to give, that can lead to tangible rewards to your business and reputation – whether it’s happier staff, more productive conversations with clients, or stronger bonds with your customers that lead to more repeat business.

Start working for good today. Visit to find out more.

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