There so many benefits to be had for any business by engaging with the local community –but as with any business strategy it should be done correctly to maximise the benefits!

Lacey Thayers CIC is a firm of consultants that we work very closely with. They are experts in optimising a business’s success by helping them make a name for themselves in their local community. Here are there  ‘Top 10 Tips’ on getting the most out of your community activities:

Getting the Best out of Your Community Engagement – Top 10 Tips

1. Build your Brand

– Your brand is everything to your business and engaging in your local community can only strengthen it and build your reputation.

– Therefore it’s important to incorporate everything you do in the community in your brand –it can’t be separate, it needs to run through your business from top to bottom.

2. The Involvement

– Obviously any kind of community involvement is great and will really benefit the local people but to get the best results for your business it’s important that it will work alongside your business.

– When potentially looking for a local charity to team up with it is key to get the best fit where both businesses, the charity and yourself, can benefit –do you have the same expectations of each other and the same values?

3. Use your Involvement

– To get the real benefits you have to let people know what you’re doing in the community –write about it on your website, social media, blogs

– It’s the perfect PR campaign and can be drastically cheaper –plus you’re doing good!

4. Networking

– By involving yourself in the local community you will meet a number of new people on your way and build yourself a network of people from a number of organisations, plus they’ll know you for doing good things!

– People buy people therefore to by expanding your network is incredibly valuable for your business

5. Events

– Events are a great way to get as many people involved from the community and can be a tiny cost if done creatively.

– Plus it is great to build your PR around in your social media and website to raise your profile and reputation.

6. One day off a year to Volunteer

– This is becoming increasingly common in corporate companies because they can really see the benefits!

– By allowing employees to have one day off a year to volunteer or help a charity it gives you more stories for your PR plus can benefit your employees.

7. Collaboration

– By holding local events it gives you the opportunity to collaborate with even more local businesses which can bring even more benefits on top of those already created by the event.

– You’ll be surprised at how many businesses will want to help you, which will develop relationships with local businesses at the same time!

8. Influencers

– Who is an ambassador or someone of influence in your local area and do you have any form of relationship with them?

– Build a relationship with them -these kinds of people can really help promote your events and causes which will of course help promote your business!

9. Staff Engagement

– There have been numerous recent studies that have shown that by engaging staff in local projects you will increase motivation which can lead to staff retention and loyalty.

– Check out this blog for ideas on how to engage staff in projects  > Click Here <

10. Target Market

– Like for everything else in your business it is vital you understand your target market enough to know what kind of community engagement your customers will see and be interested in.

– What charities do your consumers support, where do your customers go and what local projects will they want to get involved with? –weave them together!


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