Fuel consumption is a worry for all drivers in terms of our costs as well as our carbon footprint but what about the trucks and lorries that are constantly driving all over the the world on a daily basis -are they trained to be fuel efficient? The Truck Fuel Efficiency Guide provides valuable tips for drivers to understand the hundreds of factors that can effect fuel consumption as well as what can be done to improve it. Improving efficiency can include changes to driving style, maintenance of vehicle, upgrades and the use of technology -is there anything your business could do to improve your driver’s fuel efficiency and save your business money while reducing your carbon footprint?

For more information on the Truck Fuel Efficiency Guide then please follow the link- https://www.trucklocator.co.uk/hub/truck-fuel-efficiency-guide/


Trucklocator Fuel Efficiency Guide Truckers Fuel Efficiency Guide - An infographic by the team at Truckers Fuel Efficiency Guide