The Values Revolution evidences a major public shift towards more socially concious behaviour. This exciting research was conducted by ‘Global Tolerance’, a leading global social change consultancy that helps organisations harness this social attitude shift and to do well while doing so.

This  research identifies significant implications for all business sectors in order to survive the social changes in the market place in the 21st century. The report suggests a shift in both personal values of employees and consumers as well as a change in the social expectations of businesses.

Employees Values-

  • Half (49%) said they wanted to work for a company which has a positive impact on the world.
  •  While 44% claimed that doing socially conscious work is as if not more important to them than how much they earn.
  • A third (36%) of people would work harder if their work benefitted society.


Public Expectations-

  • 8 of 10 said governments, charities and businesses should be more transparent.
  • 64% of those questioned said it’s no longer sufficient for businesses to say they’re ethical, they need to prove it.
  • It has even affected buyer behaviour with 50% suggesting they would rather purchase goods and services from a company that has a positive effect on the world.


So is your business embracing the future changes in the marketplace? Can you do more for society and the environment and benefit from long-term security? With more and more people expecting businesses to be ethical and responsible it is incredibly important for your business to keep up with the shifts in society and embrace these values starting at the core. The benefits include increasing staff retention, productivity, revenue and of course, build trust and loyalty amongst customers and other key stakeholders.

More than ever, people want to make a difference through their workplaces, their purchasing power and their lifestyles therefore it’s vital for your business to get ahead and embed these values at the heart of your business.

Global Tolerance is inviting people to show how they live their values with a video or an image using the hashtag #ValuesRevolution. The responses will be showcased on the consultancy’s social media channels, and can be followed on Facebookand Twitter.

For more information on Global Tolerance and their research please visit their website or download a copy of The Values Revolution Report here.