In November, the Institute of Directors (IoD) held an event in conjunction with the British Standards Institute (BSI) relating to sustainability. I was pleased to attend and naturally delighted that the IoD is encouraging it’s members to consider sustainability. But, as always, the question is what is sustainability? One of my frustrations is that events labelled as sustainability events often focus purely on environmental sustainability. The panel introductions certainly veered in that direction until one of the delegates (me actually!) pointed out that businesses should be taking a holistic approach to sustainability that embraced more than just the environment.

With that holistic approach to the evening’s agenda now agreed, a Q & A followed with a great deal of audience participation. Speaking to delegates afterwards, it was clear that for many of them the event had opened their eyes to the business benefits of considering the sustainability agenda, in all its guises, in their business operations.

I’m pleased to see that the IoD. In conjunction with BSI, have also now launched a Sustainable Business zone. However, I’m very disappointed to note that the zone focuses almost exclusively on environmental sustainability. I’ll have to have another chat…………………..