The Responsible Business Workbook, or perhaps more specifically the auditable certification it relates to, was designed to provide a rounded and robust standard specifically for SMEs and micro businesses – even the sole trader – to aspire to.  But it is becoming increasingly evident from ongoing and very positive feedback that what we have actually developed is a simple code of practice that can help any organisation of any size, even the biggest conglomerate, to ensure they are meeting core values.

ORB defines a responsible business as one that:

“Operates efficiently and ethically; meets and exceeds legislation; and always considers its impact on people (the workforce, the community and society at large); and the environment.”

The Responsible Business WorkbookThe Workbook is based on the Responsible Business Standard but can be used as a stand-alone tool to ensure an organisation is operating efficiently and ethically. The format of the workbook is an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use A4 binder:  as well as specifying the audit criteria, it also provides lots of practical information, useful resources, self-assessment forms, action plans, and even a link to a downloadable CSR / Responsible Business Template.

There are lots of reasons for wanting to ensure your organisation has embedded core values. Naturally, we hope that the main reason is that the business owners, directors and other key personnel genuinely want to meet the shared value / triple bottom line concept of not only making a profit, but also reducing environmental impacts and making a positive impact to society.  But there are other reasons too: stakeholders increasingly require companies to evidence their ethical credentials and this can only be done authentically if core values are embedded at the heart of an organisation. Another very important reason, particularly for smaller companies, is to be able to evidence their ethical operating credentials to help them win public and / or private sector contracts.

Whatever your driver, if you want your organisation to be profitable and sustainable and / or want to see how your organisation is currently performing, ensure you purchase a copy of the Responsible Business Workbook without delay!  http://www.responsiblebusinessstandard.org.uk/TheWorkbook.html