We all know it is important to have processes, rules and regulations. Indeed, within our own organisations they are essential to ensure the business operates efficiently. But we also recognise the need to adopt a fair and appropriate approach when dealing with situations where those rules and regulations have not been adhered to. Sometimes we accept that more training and support is required and providing that can be far more effective than heavy disciplinary action.

LegislationThe Government has already acknowledged that small businesses are over burdened with inappropriate legislation and have adopted a process of eliminating red tape. A one in one out rule applies so that for every new piece of legislation introduced at least one must be removed. And the Red Tape Challenge continues to invite comments on which regulations we feel are working and which are not; what should be scrapped and what should be simplified.

Taking this a step further, the Government has acknowledged that enforcement of the existing rules and regulations can be a problem. We have many different enforcement agencies and their respective approaches can sometimes be inappropriate and inconsistent. The Government is now trying to identify where enforcement can be improved, reduced or done differently. Once again they are seeking views from business owners.

The site works in a similar way to the Red Tape Challenge and there will be specific areas of focus. The first three areas are:

  • Chemicals.
  • Small Businesses in Food Manufacturing.
  • Volunteer Event e.g. when planning and running an event to raise money for charity.

We would urge you to have a look at the Focus on Enforcement web site  and add your comments, thoughts and experiences so that enforcement agencies adopt a consistent, fairer and more supportive approach to enforcing regulation.