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Sustainable Business: Responsible Business: Ethical Business: Green Business. Not only are these the demands of a generation facing ever increasing social and environmental challenges, the Companies Act 2006 now places an obligation on all company directors to consider the impact of their businesses on the community and the environment.

But this should be seen as an opportunity. SMEs embedding responsible business practices NOW will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

ORB is a business membership organisation for “responsible businesses.” We look forward to you joining us and helping you reap even greater rewards.

For businesses that would benefit from auditable certification, ORB has developed The Responsible Business Standard. Full details of this standard are detailed in the Responsible Business Workbook.You will see that the audit covers the responsible business agenda but with a structured business focus. For more information about The Standard and how it can provide even greater competitive advantage for your business, the link above will take you to a dedicated web site.

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Apart from being a nice thing to do, why should an SME bother about corporate responsibility?


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Sadly more people are being diagnosed with cancer each year but due to earlier diagnosis and better treatment, more people are surviving and living with cancer. More are remaining in or returning to the workplace and therefore more employers will have to manage someone who has cancer.


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